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She Had Her Own Reason for Participating

The police investigators kept boxes of index cards on individuals and groups. Card after card, typed, sometimes marked with a pen. This indexing informs “She Had Her Own Reason for Participating,” a poem sledghammered into copper index cards that comprise a drawer in a plinth Garrick built, currently in the Antena Exhibition at the Blaffer Art Gallery in Houston, Texas.


Lavinia Press published this recollection of a mother in a sweatshop

“My recollection of the factory and my mother’s exhaustion are vivid,” writes Cathy Scheirman in “Piecework,” a short memoir in Lavinia Press, a tabloid newspaper published by the Women’s Night Watch in 1979. This bilingual (Spanish and English) issue was devoted to the theme of fashion, and included articles on kimonos; workplace discrimination on cultural expression; appropriation of cultural styles; thrift-store shopping; and a discussion of courtroom attire (“For women in the courtroom, it is more difficult to know how to dress. The decorum of the courtroom calls for a fairly formal style of dress, which means conforming to sex-stereotyped and class-stereotyped conventions”).