These poems emerged from conversations with Lloyd Marbet from July to October 2013. The poems tell stories of dogged activism that helped free Oregon from nuclear power plants, both through the demolition of Trojan nuclear plant and the prevention of additional plants such as the Pebble Springs nuclear plant. Listen to more about how “So He Raised His Hand” documents what never came to be in this Oregon Public Broadcasting radio program, Think Outloud.

After reading police surveillance reports on Lloyd’s activism, Garrick Imatani & Kaia Sand traveled to the land Lloyd caretakes north of Estacada, Oregon, to learn some of his stories. Kaia then arranged seven of these stories onto the page, adding verses based on his images and rhythms, & discussing the form with Inge Bruggeman. Lloyd next edited the text. Kaia also wrote opening & closing poems casting Lloyd as “the Caretaker.”

Jules Boykoff, Cathryn Chudy, Meg Eberle, Maggie Jackson, & Jessi Wahnetah gave feedback on the text; & Diana Banning, Devin Busby, Marti Clemmons, Mary Hansen, Brian Johnson, Max Johnson, Crystal Rodgers & Bethy Williams assisted with archival research. The poems took form in the printshop of Inge Bruggeman with the assistance of Melanie Brauner.